Testimonials from Previous Patients

“I have been going to Melissa at Guide Acupuncture for several months and I HIGHLY recommend her!  She has been a true lifesaver helping me with chronic menstrual pain and fatigue. She is AMAZING, knowledgable, professional, and intuitive. Thank you, Melissa!” – M.L

“Melissa is an incredible and intuitive healer. I started seeing her for stress management and  anxiety. After a few sessions I definitely felt more relaxed, grounded, and ready to take on my next task. My shoulders and neck also feel much more open. I highly recommend Melissa, she is caring and a great listener. She’s also awesome at explaining what she’s doing whenever I ask her. The space is also very clean, beautiful, and welcoming.”- P.D

“After trying chiropractic, pain injection, and other remedies for my shoulder after an accident, I was finally guided to acupuncture by Melissa. Amazingly, where other modalities didn’t work, she  has treated my shoulder back to health with time. Wise and genuine, I could  tell from my first treatment that she is invested in my recovery and will go the extra mile to nourish my body back to good health. I’d recommend Melissa’s genius for your problems…because she certainly solved mine!”- R.S

“I’ve been to a few different acupuncturists throughout the past few years. Each of them have their own style of course but generally they all are aspiring to do one main thing, get your body to its proper balance. Melissa is one of the better acupuncturists I’ve seen. She is very attentive, caring, concerned, and thorough. Also, her knowledge in herbal medicine is what I really like, which at times the knowledge of herbal medicine can be more important than the acupuncture itself. Best part is that her pricing is very fair. I definitely recommend seeing her.”-N.N

“Melissa is a genuine healer in that she has a balance of knowledge, care, and skill.  I came into the clinic with stress( and the tight muscles that come with it), fatigue, and digestive issues.  She truly took the time to pinpoint the imbalance in my body and has vast herbal knowledge.  Her treatment is one of the best I’ve had (I’ve had plenty of acupuncture treatments prior to this).  She took extra care in making sure that I understood the treatment and that I was absolutely comfortable as I relaxed into a wonderful treatment.  I came out of it feeling rejuvenated, which was exactly what I needed.  My digestive issues have also improved through her herbal recommendations.  Melissa takes the time to understand her patient’s needs and she delivers.”- V.H

“I’ve never been a fan of needles (who is?) but I’m a believer in Eastern Medicine. I’ve always had a acupressure guy and when I asked him if acupuncture could work for my body’s issues he responded, right now it’s just my two hands. Imagine each needle working together. Point made.
I was having a weird numbing sensation down the back of both arms and into my hands. It was weird. And it was for months. MONTHS. Forget about ‘hoping it’ll go away on its own’.
I was referred to Melissa by a friend who told me she felt better after just one treatment – she had stiff back issues. Now, I didn’t expect such quick results but referrals are referrals. After going twice a week for two months there was noticeable improvement. Dropped it down to once a week. Then once every 2 weeks. The sensation is basically gone now. Sometimes i THINK I feel it but who really knows.

Melissa is knowledgeable, pleasant and has a great bedside manner. I’ll be recommending her to anyone with issues that will give acupuncture a try.

Also, the location is great. Clean, bright and quiet. AND free parking spot in the back – lots of free street parking as well.” – C.G

“I’ve been having lower back pain for the past 2-3 years. It wasn’t really bothering me until I hurt it picking something up. The pain was unbearable. Shooting pains going down my right sciatic nerve. From my lower back, through my buttocks and down to my lower leg. I felt the pain sitting own, driving, and even laying down. Had issues sleeping and doing daily activities. I went to a Chiropractor and did 4 sessions. It relieved the pain only temporarily for about 24 hours. So I decided to take the acupuncture route and made an appointment with Melissa Tsai at Guide Acupuncture. The rest is history! Here is the rundown of my appointments.

April 10th – 1st appointment: Diagnostic report from Melissa was that I had a swollen disc pinching my sciatic nerve. The overall acupuncture session was very relaxing and painless. Completely passed out during the whole session. Didn’t feel a thing! Received an ointment spray and herbal pills to take daily. Amazed at the results of just one session the next day.

April 13th – 2nd appointment: Felt a lot better and low back pain was gone. But still feeling some slight pain in my lower leg and buttocks area. Passed out again during session and was given stretch exercises to work at home with my foam roller.

April 17th – 3rd appointment: Pain is almost completely gone! Still spraying ointment, taking herbal pills, and doing stretches. Session was simple and painless as usual… And yes, I passed out again.

April 24th – 4th appointment: The pain is completely gone! Did one final session and was told to stretch daily and to focus on glutes. Actually went to the golf rage after and hit some balls with ease.

Overall I am 100% satisfied with my experience with Guide Acupuncture. The place is very clean and welcoming. The price was fair and it seemed like Melissa went the extra mile on my treatments and on any questions I had. She is very experienced and professional. I highly recommend her! My pain is completely gone and I can continue with my daily activities worry free. THANKS MELISSA!”- B.P