Melissa found her love of for Chinese Medicine through her own journey for better health. After graduating college in 2007, she initially pursued a career in business administration. However, she found that this career path didn’t quite resonate with her as she had always wanted to to find a way to help people. After much thought, she enrolled into Chinese Medical school where she found she was able to pursue her dream.  She graduated from Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine receiving her Masters in Oriental Medicine. During her time at Emperor’s she completed an externship at Venice Family Clinic where she worked in an integrative pain clinic with a medical doctor, chiropractor, and yoga therapists. In addition, Melissa has done clinical observation at China Medical University and Hospital in Taichung, Taiwan. At the school she observed countless procedures varying from gynecology, orthopedics, pain management, internal medicine; and much more. With experience in an integrative setting she has come to understand that both western and eastern medicine is important and necessary in their own way.

Currently, Melissa’s main focus is women’s health, fertility, and pain management. Acupuncture has been recognized by the World Health Organization to treat neurological and muscular skeletal disorders and mental emotional disorders such as back pain, sciatica, localized traumas, arthritis, sports injuries, headache, migraine, anxiety, and stress. Melissa believes that keeping a healthy body is the best way to treat your self. Focusing on the way you eat, move and think is an integral way to stay healthy. She enjoys cooking, powerlifitng, yoga, meditation and hiking.

Melissa’s main goal is to help guide patients on how to regain balance in their life. Using acupuncture, herbs, movement, and nutritional counseling she hopes to help you achieve a healthier more fulfilling life.