How To Keep A Healthy Home [Part 2]

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This week we continue the interview with home improvement specialist Zack Pelzel from The Purified Home. In part one, we discussed how he got into the business and his philosophy the four pillars. If you missed last week’s post, you can check it out here. This week, in part two we continue the discussion below.

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M: We we’re talking about stressors in the home environment and how it’s a build-up of [air quality, EMF’s, bad water, bad lighting]. If it was just [one thing] it probably wouldn’t be too bad.

Z: Right. Electricity or EMF exposure would probably  be a good place to start. A lot of people do this, they start off with one and call me the next month and they will be like “we’re ready to do water”,  and then the next month they will do the light then the air. Whatever resonates with you the strongest. Another thing to look at is your overall symptomology — are you having trouble concentrating? Are you having respiratory issues? Are you sleeping terribly? Is your skin dry? That will kind of determine where to go first.

M: So have you been able to help someone that had respiratory issues or skin issues? After going to their home, were you able to help them move forward or get better  from that?

Z: Yeah, I actually just had a client last week share his success story. He’s an athlete and he does voice-overs, so he speaks for a living. He was having all types of respiratory issues — exercise induced asthma, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and exhaustion with simple exertion. He’s an avid Frisbee golf player and he couldn’t’ even go out and play Frisbee or golf any more. He was struggling. And so what I did was I brought over a loaner air purifier for him — just something I do for some of my clients — and I brought it over there and cranked it up. Taught him a little about ventilation. [His issue] was a combination of poor indoor air quality and inadequate ventilation. He just sent me an email about 4 days ago saying ” Zack, I just exercised for the first time in two years and I did haven’t an asthma attack.” It’s been 2 months now and he’s still improving.

M: Wow that’s amazing!

z: Yeah, sometimes it can be that palpable and can help in an instant. Other times it has to build up over time depending on which of the four pillars [is effected]. Most people report the same thing: ” I just feel more at peace.” And to me, peace of mind is everything.

M: That’s really great. So if there were one thing that people can do to help transition into a cleaner home environment, what would you suggest?

Z: Yeah, so I’ll give you one little pearl of wisdom on each of the four pillars. In regards to air quality, ventilate, that means open up the windows. I know it’s a bit cold right now, but open up the windows and get some fresh air. Do it first thing in the morning when the air is clean before all the cars start driving and before all the dust gets stirred up. First thing, in the evening or late at night restore adequate oxygen in the home.

As far as light goes, limit your exposure to any kind of blue light. Anything that is back-lit, so your iPads or your iPhones, computers, tv — limit that kind of exposure an hour before bed. One of the simplest things is going to any hardware store and getting a red light bulb, and put it in your bed side lamp. If you are reading at night, that red light won’t stimulate serotonin production, so you will actually start to stimulate melatonin production. Melatonin is nature’s natural anti-oxidant.

With water you can do something as simple as putting 1000 milligrams of vitamin c in the bath tub. That will eliminate the chlorine and ammonia in the tub.

Regarding electricity, shut your wifi down at night. Turn the wireless routers off. Put your phones on airplane mode. And get as many gadgets out of your bed room as you can. Again we are trying to restore that natural electrical environment.  Eventually you would have to go through testing to see where the levels are at, but those are four things that will instantly move you toward creating a healthier living environment.

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