Farmer’s Market Finds 12-23-15

SMFM 12-23-15I go to the Wednesday Farmer’s Market in Santa Monica every week. It’s a great place to find fresh seasonal, local and organic produce. Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable about what they grow and produce every season. This year has been a dry year so the there has been a shortage in a variety of fruits and vegetables. Either way it’s still a great place to shop and a great experience.

During the winter months there is definitely less to choose from. However, it’s exciting to find all the colorful thick skinned squashes and beans which we don’t see as often in the warmer months. This week I’d like to share with you what I bought!

From Rutiz Farms I got some wonderful sierra gold potatoes which are amazingly sweet and just perfect for mashed potatoes. They have such a sweet buttery taste which you can’t compare to a russet. I always like to get some green vegetables too, so from Finley Farms I bought curly kale, celery and carrots. Their vegetables are always great quality and never disappoint. In addition, I also got some mustard greens and Russian kale from Flora Bella which has unique and very tasty produce.

Last, but not least, I got some sweet satsuma mandarins from Garcia Family Farms. Their citrus is the best, and they usually have many different kinds to offer. Citrus has high quantities of vitamin C which is great for the winter to help boost your immune system!


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